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To view a PowerPoint presentation on the features of MineMatchTM, please follow this hyperlink.
To read about how MineMatchTM manages relationships between mineralisation, alteration, weathering, deposit zones and rock types, please follow this hyperlink.
To view expected grade/tonnage distributions for different deposit types, as estimated by the US Geological Survey, please examine these plots, specially laid out by Georeference Online Ltd to aid comparisons between deposit types. [Ref: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 96-096]
Georeference Online Ltd is a sponsor of the Data Metallogenica (DM) project.  DM photographs, like MineMatchTM descriptions, greatly assist in the recognition of important similarities and differences between mineral deposits. Click here for more on using these resources together, and for a list of deposits which are both described in MineMatchTM and photographed on DM.
To view 70 large European mineral deposits described, classified*, and compared using MineMatchTM, click on this hyperlink.
[* MineMatch provides ranked classifications, based on the information in MineMatch descriptions.  These descriptions may not be complete, and hence the rankings may not be the most accurate possible.  They are, however, usually highly informative, and useful to those interested in the similarities and differences between mineral deposits.]
To view the geographic distribution of some mines in the knowledgebase provided with MineMatchTM, please examine this map.  Clicking on the mines themselves will yield a Semantic Network diagram of the knowledge-base description of the mine. (See notes on the map page for details.)
To view a pamphlet describing MineMatchTM, please follow this hyperlink.
To download a fully functional 15-day Trial Version of MineMatchTM, please follow this hyperlink.
MineMatch v3.1.0 (release 11/4/2003) can export to XML. Example

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