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The MOD Squad Web Site

The MineMatch Ontology Development (MOD) web site supports Georeference Online Ltd staff and MineMatch users who are refining and extending the MineMatch terminology (ontology), as well as those interested in refining the characterisation of mineral deposit types..  

Go to the "MOD SQUAD".

As the MineMatch system is extended and refined, the observations of GOL staff and collaborators are constantly logged to the MOD Squad site.  The MineMatch Discussion Board (see button at lower left) is also archived each week to the many categorised Discussion Boards on the MOD Squad site.

The MOD SQUAD site is made up of the following components:

  • Discussion Boards for various descriptive topics of relevance to MineMatch, such as rock classification systems, deposit size characterisation, and the meaning of words such as "mineralisation", "alteration" and "form".
  • Discussion Boards for deposit types of interest to MineMatch users.  Because of their scope, relative consistency, and statistical support, the USGS deposit types have been used to categorise these discussions.  They will, however, be extended when a clear case can be made for deposit types not covered in the USGS classification.  This has been the case for IOCG-type deposits, and Eskay Creek-type deposits (as characterised in MineMatch by the British Columbia Geological Survey)  -  for which Discussion Boards have also been established.
  • Collections of  documents of particular relevance to ontology development, science languages, and communication standards.
  • Announcements relevant to the MOD Squad, and a listing of events of interest.
  • Links to web sites of interest to MineMatch users.

If you are evaluating MineMatch, please visit the MOD SQUAD site to gain a broader perspective on MineMatch.

Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to
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