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Special Licences for  MineMatch

The GEODE LODE Project

Georeference Online Ltd (GOL) has begun the systematic compilation of MineMatch descriptions to serve as a companion resource to GEODE's LODE database, and to make the LODE database more relevant to MineMatch users outside Europe..

Translations of GEODE descriptions into MineMatch have been completed for all 5 collections of mineral deposits:

Basin-Hosted Collection
SW Variscides Collection
Urals Collection 
Fennoscandian Collection
Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride Belt Collection

Click here to view a list of the 70 deposits in these collections with links to:

(1) Their MineMatch descriptions;
(2) Diagrams of the descriptions;
(3) Similarity-Rankings with respect
      to 95 USGS and BCGS mineral
     deposit models;
(4) Detailed Comparisons with one
     or more of the best-fit models
(5) Similarity-Rankings with respect
      to all other 69 deposits in the
      LODE collection;
(6) Detailed Comparisons with one
     or more of the best-matching deposits

 (To view an individual example, click here to see the Outokumpu (Finland) description, and here to see a diagram of its description. The diagram requires that Adobe's free SVGViewer plug-in be installed in the viewing browser.)

The descriptions may be downloaded for use in MineMatch via the "Description Downloads" button in the left margin of this page.

Useful though they may be, these descriptions are too general for serious comparative orebody studies.   They are also too general to fully exploit MineMatch's descriptive capabilities, and powerful matching algorithms. Consequently,  GOL would like to enhance the MineMatch descriptions of these deposits.

To this end, GOL is now offering specially priced academic licences of MineMatch to any group of two or more geologists studying any of the deposits described on the GEODE website. A condition of these licences is that the purchasers will provide GOL with at least six quality MineMatch deposit descriptions within six months of receipt of the licences.  Examination of the very general MineMatch description of the Outokumpu and Kiruna deposits alongside this paragraph illustrates how much can be achieved in one or two hours of working with MineMatch.  Good quality descriptions, if being entered by a geologist familiar with a deposit, take no more than half a day.

Should you be interested in receiving one of these special  licences, please contact Clinton Smyth at Georeference Online Ltd.

GEODE is a scientific program of the European Science Foundation addressing geodynamics and ore deposit evolution.

The GEODE website includes summary descriptions of many of the largest mineral deposits in Europe  -  the primary merits of which are the maps, sections and photographs that are included with many of the descriptions.

Any systematic study of these deposits would naturally involve more detailed descriptions of the deposits, and detailed comparisons between the deposits. This requires careful attention to terminology.

MineMatch descriptions are helpful in both of these respects:  They adhere to strict, internationally respected terminology standards, and they enable rapid, computer-assisted comparisons which produce valuable, easily-audited similarity rankings, and other useful hardcopy outputs.

Moreover, MineMatch descriptions are easily shared, and therefore provide an ideal medium for collaborative research and knowledge distribution.

The online MineMatch tutorial provides the best introduction to MineMatch, and the illustrations below show the results of using the system:

(1) Web page output of MineMatch description of Outokumpu
(2)  Semantic Net diagram of the description of Outokumpu
(3)  MineMatch ranking of Outukumpu against USGS Deposit Types
(4)  Comparison of Outokumpu attributes against USGS models for
(a) Limassol Forest Co-Ni 
(b)  Broken Hill

(1) Web page output of MineMatch description of Kiruna
(2)  Semantic Net diagram of the description of Kiruna
(3)  MineMatch ranking of Kiruna against USGS Deposit Types
(4)  Comparison of Kiruna attributes against USGS models for
(a) Hot Spring Au-Ag 
(b) Volcanic-Hosted Magnetite.



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