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Georeference Online Ltd

Georeference Online Ltd is a privately held company incorporated in British Columbia, and operating from Vancouver.

It is managed and staffed by professionals experienced in the natural resources and computing industries, as well as in the fields of environmental protection, applied statistics, and corporate management.

Clinton Smyth                            President and Director

Clinton is a geologist and software developer with 30 years of experience in minerals exploration, resource evaluation and mining with one of the largest mining companies in the world. He began his career as a De Beers Consolidated Mines student in 1974, moving to the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa in 1978. He served Anglo American in diverse roles throughout Africa and Australasia.  In 1985 he was sent by Anglo American to Imperial College, London, to study artificial intelligence applications in geology, and in 1996 he moved to Singapore to establish Anglo American's exploration presence in that region.  During his career with Anglo, he held various responsibilities in exploration geochemistry, resource evaluation, software development and corporate management.

In early 2000, as Vice President (Exploration), he resigned from Anglo American to establish Georeference Online Ltd.

You may read his detailed resume here.  <Click here for PDF version>

David Poole                                                         Director

David is a professor of computer science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.  He has worked and published extensively in the fields of computational intelligence, logic programming and reasoning with uncertainty.

You may read his resume here.

Helen Moss                                                         Director

Helen is a botanist resident in Vancouver.  After approximately twelve years of working internationally on mapping and preserving plant genetic resources, she then spent nine years exclusively raising a family.  In 2002 she returned to her science as a botanical mapping consultant to Georeference Online Ltd. 

You may read her resume here.

Brian King                                                           Research Geologist

Working from his base in Southampton, U.K., Brian's primary responsibilities for Georeference Online Ltd involve the implementation of standardised geological nomenclatures within the company's proprietary software. 

You may read his resume here.



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