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Georeference Online Ltd develops, markets and applies knowledge-based software for the mineral resources industry,  knowledge-based GIS software for application in any field, as well as small general-purpose knowledge-engineering tools.

CampControl News: 

15 March, 2015:  Invoice uploading to QuickBooks module introduced.

14 November, 2014:  Daily summary email module introduced.

23 October, 2013:  Invoice Capture & Management module introduced.

15 December, 2011:  Staff Scheduling module introduced.

21 July, 2009:  Custom Logs module introduced. This flexible feature implements centralised storage and sharing of any kind of tabular data-log. The log-designer controls who can view and/or edit logs. (Examples: Safety Meeting Logs, Game Sighting Logs and Incident  & Accident Logs.)

16 June, 2009:  Major upgrade of Orders Module.  Quotations & contracts, invoices & receipts, waybills & import/export documents can now be uploaded and attached to Orders processed on CampContol.  Never curse searching for the paperwork again!!
20 March
, 2009:  Major upgrade of Tasks Module.  Tasks can now be assigned by one staff member to another, and remain in active status until marked as completed.
1 December, 2008:  Launch of Spanish and French interfaces to CampControl.

15 September, 2008:  Automated receipt and storage of Emailed Laboratory Reports introduced.

1 August, 2008:  "CampControl for Exploration Service Providers" introduced - allowing multiple exploration companies to be managed from a single Service Provider account.

1 July, 2008:  Document Management module introduced.

25 April, 2008:  Automated management of Purchase Authorisations introduced.

Research News: 

September, 2013:  Geoscience BC releases Report 2013-13 "Leveraging International Earth Science Standards to Enhance Mineral Exploration Success in British Columbia" produced by Georeference Online Ltd.

January, 2010:  Sharma, Poole & Smyth: "A Framework for Ontologically - Grounded Probabilistic Matching"; International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 51(2), 240-262

February, 2009:  Poole, Smyth & Sharma: "Ontology Design for Scientific Theories That Make Probabilistic Predictions"; IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 27-36, Jan./Feb. 2009, doi:10.1109/MIS.2009.15

October, 2008:  Poole, Smyth & Sharma: "Semantic Science: Ontologies, Data and Probabilistic Theories" in Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web I Springer, 2008.
May, 2008:  Jackson, Smyth & Poole: "HazardMatch: An application of artificial intelligence to landslide susceptibility mapping, Howe Sound area, British C
olumbia" 4th Canadian Conference on GeoHazards, Quebec City, Quebec

March, 2008:  Poole, Smyth & Sharma: "Semantic Science and Machine-Accessible Scientific Theories"

24 December, 2007:  1017 new gold deposit descriptions added to the MineMatch Online Knowledge Base - being all the deposits described in the GSC's Open File 4895, "Gold Deposits of the World: Distribution, Geological Parameters and Gold Content".

23 July, 2007: Smyth et al: "Semantic e-Science and Geology"

CampControl is an Internet-based system for managing the flow of information, supplies, samples and personnel between main centres and mineral exploration camps.

CampControl greatly improves management efficiency, reduces exploration costs, and improves staff motivation.

CampControl can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Starting in British Columbia and the North West Territories in 2007, CampControl now has users from Nunavut to Mongolia.

 TLE is a powerful tool for creating, reviewing and editing many types of hierarchical data and information, in particular, classifications.

Many geological classifications are available for download from the TLE site - such as the BGS Rock Classification System, AGSO's Geological Time-Scale, and others.

TLE is also able to import classifications existing is the SKOS format.

TLE uses the power of Drag-And-Drop editing in an easy-to-use graphical environment, and provides many other functions necessary for the collaborative development of formal science languages.


MineMatch is a system for describing and comparing mineral deposits, deposit models, and exploration prospects,  -  as well as for communicating these descriptions effectively between geologists and other interested persons.

MineMatch Online is available for use free-of-charge.  It is a web service which can be used anywhere in the world to produce invaluable appendices for 43-101-compliant technical reports in PDF format - without downloading any software.

To find out more about the history of  MineMatch, please visit the original MineMatch website.

HazardMatch is an internet-based computer system developed by Georeference Online Ltd, with the assistance of the Geological Survey of Canada, for identifying and mapping areas that are susceptible to natural hazards.  The application uses the descriptions of geotechnical experts, modern computer reasoning capabilities, and existing GIS data sets to identify these areas.

HazardMatch is a highly-accessible decision-support tool intended for use by government and community planners, insurance companies and scientific researchers.   It seeks to reduce the cost of producing hazard maps, at the same time as improving their auditability and making them easier to understand by non-experts in geotechnical engineering.  HazardMatch was originally developed using the desktop LegendBurster system (see below), although it is now a stand-alone Internet application.

For more information about HazardMatch, please contact Georeference Online Ltd.

LegendBurster was the first commercial system in the world to provide Semantic Net functionality in a GIS environment.  It is  an essential tool for representing ontologically-structured data on maps, and for easy, effective querying of such data. 

Semantic Nets provide a more flexible representation of point, line and polygon attributes than flat database tables, and often permit significantly more powerful query capabilities than standard SQL. 

Although still used in-house for consulting assignements, LegendBurster has been withdrawn from the market while its reasoning engine is being upgraded to conform to the emerging standards of the Semantic Web, and while it is being re-designd to operate independently of any single proprietary GIS system.

To find out more about LegendBurster, please visit the LegendBurster website.

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