What is MineMatch
       Starting and Unlocking MineMatch
       The Three Main MineMatch Panels
MineMatch Control Panel
       Introducing the MineMatch Control Panel
       Control Panel Main Menu
       The Control Panel Toolbar
       The "Inherited Nodes" and "Silence Implies" Checkboxes
       The Selection Windows
       The Description Windows
Mineral Deposit Description Panel
       Introducing the Mineral Deposit Description Panel
       The Description Panel Main Menu
       The Description Panel Toolbar
       The Add Attribute Panel
Comparison Results Panel
       Introducing the Comparison Results Panel
       Understanding Comparison Results
       Order of Rankings
       Getting Advice on Improving or Degrading Matches
Examining and Displaying Mineral Deposits and Models
       Using the Output Tools of MineMatch
Comparing Mineral Deposits and Deposit Models
       How to Compare Instances and Models
Adding and Editing Mineral Deposits and Models
       Opening Databases
       Adding and Editing Deposits and Models
Exporting and Importing Mineral Deposits and Models
       Sharing MineMatch Descriptions
Appendix 1 The MineMatch Framework for Describing Mineral Deposits and Deposit Models